You Don’t NEED to Pay $200 for Windows 10 [SPONSORED]

This video is sponsored by SCDKey.
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26 Replies to “You Don’t NEED to Pay $200 for Windows 10 [SPONSORED]”

  1. I've gotten a few keys on Ebay for 3-5$ each .

    all windows 10 Professional keys.

    I use to buy my keys on paying 150 or so, no clue why it's so expensive while you can get it in other places for just a few bucks.

  2. I do not know why you are risking your reputation with these sort of sites. Something that costs 200 being sold to you for less that 20, does that really sound legit?
    Could be i am old and have seen real life scams(almost got scammed for a job), internet scammers(never got scammed) and i am jaded now and do not believe offers that are too good to be true anymore.

  3. Yeh after your Office 2016 vid, I used Scdkey again last week for Win 10 Pro on my new build. Sure you can find cheaper on Fleabay roulette, but $20AU for a $260AU OS at Scdkey. It's a no brainer.

  4. this is the kind of garbage that makes me unsubscribe. if you're able to make money peddling this sketch shit to cheap fucks on the internet, cool. but i'm out.

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