20 Replies to “XBone shows off (E3 2018)”

  1. My motherboard kinda died just after ending the editing so I couldn't polish anymore. I'll have to buy a new one so I won't be able to record the rest of the E3 probably. Last time I tried recording my computer shat itself.

  2. It's funny how Gears Pop is developed by Microsoft, and it's not on WindowsPhone. Just goes to show that the platform fucking failed hard.
    I feel bad now for owning a Lumia 930 already.

  3. Microsoft sends the XBone goons to attack any PC users that didn't update to Windows 10.

    Leave my mother out of this! she already has enough on her plate and she plans to update to a win 10 latop after her toaster is spitting out its battery XD

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