Windows technology supports fraudulent calls, and I answer pretending to be a thief scammer trying to scam my laptop.

Tucson by Nathan Robinson
Phone Fraud 1: Microwave –
Phone Fraud 2: Gareth –

The concept of Haanz
His funny prank so check it out!

Check out my new channel starring my dog ​​(ChumpieTheDog) in some funny and…


  1. How rascal Americans cannot detect the bloody Indians from their accent. The way they talk and pronounce is really sick.. it sucks. I can detect them from miles they way their accent and stink..

  2. Scammers are not always Indians, okay? Not like i got triggered or something, but would you please stop showing Indian people as scammers and insulting everyone? Look, i love your videos, but this is wrong. Hopefully, you will look forward to it.

    An Indian youtuber

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