Windows Phone NO POKEMON GO APP | Where Is The Support !! 2016

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Hello, here is my roaring video. Windows Mobile App Support disappeared. I'm very upset that Microsoft doesn't work hard and lets us want all the apps in the store. Please let me know what you are thinking
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20 Replies to “Windows Phone NO POKEMON GO APP | Where Is The Support !! 2016”

  1. Wake up at 1 pm because my alarm didn't go off again. I got fired already anyway after punching my Windows-hating boss, so it's no problem. Take my anti-depressants. Wish Cortana good morning.
    Get breakfast. Reboot to get wifi to work. Read news on my phone – new Jason Ward article, Windows phone's doing real good.
    It's 3 pm, time to get to work. Start typing my resume – in Continuum, of course. Go to copy and paste something, Word crashes.
    5 pm. I recovered what was lost, try to save it, but Office tells me to buy an Office 365 subscription. I already have 2, but get another just in case.
    7 pm. Fire up Readit, time to get to real work. Decide to get some sick tunes going while showing iShills who's the real boss. Open Groove, only took 5 restarts before music played – this build is real good.
    9 pm. Mom tries to call me and ask about when I'll get a job. I couldn't decide which of the seven Skype apps to open, so I just send her a reply by email.
    11 pm. Time to hit the hay. Light some incense for Joe Belfiore. Go to bed with my warm Lumina. Wish Cortana good night.
    4 am. Stop crying. Dream of PokemonGo.

  2. I was using a Lumia Icon as my daily driver, for a while. I have seen a decline in the Windows Store for quite some time…rewind 4 years ago I had an HD2 running WP 7.8/Jelly Bean 4.1 as my daily driver. It seems the app support was better with WP 7/8 in correlation with The Play Store. However over time Google did one thing to keep the Play Store relevant to iOS, they showed developers the money. The Play Store in 2012 was maybe a third of what the iOS store was. Now most apps are on both iOS and Android platforms because there viable.

    Microsoft's problem is they will not spend the money to make their mobile store a viable source because they want to keep it tied to the Windows computing platform. Also developers arent getting paid to develop apps for Microsoft, so many major apps probably will never be available, or it will be a stale, generic version with horrible functionality. As the months increased, it was hard to use apps like Uber because they did not have the same functionality as they have on Android/iOS. Just getting around with my phone became a labor of love, so I had to sell it and get a Nexus 6.

  3. This never changes, until MS Phones starts getting popular, because it's the developers who just don't want to create the apps in the Microsoft environment, primary because you MUST use C++ and DirectX. Get XNA back, and watch what happens! – Another thing is, developers don't trust Microsoft. Several times they told us that "XNA" is the new black!….. And "Silverlight" is the new black. And so on, and few years after, they deprecates it. – I created several games in XNA, and guess what, Microsoft stopped support for it since Visual Studio 2013. Now it's just garbage, can't use it anymore, and can't port them for Universal Platform, because it's not supported. Only way, is C++ which many just don't do, since C# has been the #1 language for .NET in years.

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