Windows Autopilot zero touch deployment and device reset

Learn about the latest updates to Windows Autopilot, including a zero-touch experience for deploying new Windows 10 devices and device reset capabilities, all powered by Microsoft 365.

Check out new features:
• Hardware vendors can now automatically register your acquired Windows 10 devices with Azure AD tenants.
• With Windows Autopilot reset, you can reset the device and restore it to full business readiness by clicking on a single device.

4 Replies to “Windows Autopilot zero touch deployment and device reset”

  1. What is the integration potential with SCCM? Does application deployment for the base image work in a similar way to an SCCM task sequence? Is an enterprise ready build with a full suite of apps (including apps outside of the Windows store), dc connection, group policies and the latest approved updates all possible using autopilot with no further steps? Looks promising, especially if a complete end-to-end build is feasible using autopilot.

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