26 Replies to “Windows 8 Tutorials – The Basics (Non Touch)”

  1. hey. I have a PC with Windows 8.1 and his brightness is working so that you can't turn off the brightness all the way down. I mean you always see something. Is it similar to your computer as well?

  2. I found this really helpful! Window 8 doesn't seem as scary as before I watched cause it was like this alien lifeform that didn't make a bit of sense. I think I can make this work with a little time and effort.

  3. I am having an issue with windows 8 myself. I have 8.1 (Not sure if that is any different), and there is a feature in which i would move my mouse to the right side of the screen, then a seach bar would pop up allowing me to look for certain apps ect. But it stopped working. I looked around for an answer but haven't gotten any solid help.

  4. Okay I watched the entire video and recomment that you do not waste your time with this one. There has to be other tutorials where the instructor knows more than this one and will actually provide something useful.

    I got nothing of value out of this 35 minutes of ramblings.

  5. So far I have watched 22 minutes of this retarded idiots tutorial and the most important thing I have come up with is he doesn't know how to teach anything. Will watch the rest but was so frustrated with what I have seen I had to stop and vent my frustrations

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