39 Replies to “Windows 7/8/8.1/10 flickering problem (quick solution)”

  1. Thank you so much. Your tips works 100%. I wasted nearly six month to fix problem. I formatted my PC many times. Reinstall all drivers. I did lots……but your file works for me…….thanks…..thanks 🙂

  2. i followed the step and it worked, but when the baterry of my laptop was too low , the flickering came again and doesn't stop even if i do the same steps 🙁

  3. FUCKING AMAZING! my pc got a virus and i managed to fix almost all the problems except the screen flickering and just before i gave up i found this and it worked!! i cant thank you enough!

  4. And adding this to favorites in case i ever have to deal with this issue again, thanks for the solution, saved me plenty of headaches, and class assignments too

  5. Dude you saved me from so much trouble games closed by them selves typeing something that would take 1 minute take 10 minute you really saved me from the bottom of my heart thank you <3

  6. I had installed some app on my PC. And due to that, the flickering problem had started.
    Today I googled for the solution, the first YouTube video in the google search result was this.
    At first I didn't think that this would work. But after doing as shown in this video, it REALLY did work! Thanks a lot!! 🙂

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