windows 7 startup

Windows 7 starts
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  1. @1147able just go to the bios and choose boot from cd/dvd first before HHD (Hard Drive) then you should be fine just choose custom installation and have a nice day using your brand new windows 7!!^_^

  2. You didn't try to upgrade From Xp did you? Putting it as plain as possible Don't buy the windows Seven upgrade disc. use the Full version and wipe the hard drive first then install 7.

  3. I installed seven here… It uses 1 Gb RAM just for the windows… with nothing started, like winamp, msn, internet.. I just use the weather gadget and calendar… It's the same thing of vista… but with more bullshit… but I like this bullshit 😀

  4. woww taking about boredd
    look at da description for some reason dese words dat have got nothing 2 do wif it
    Examine for Problems network, repair, troubleshoot
    how to hack a password on windows xp
    wlan add filter networktype=network type Virus repair Virus removal Winantivirus strange… cases…Fraud News


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