21 Replies to “Windows 7 Editions – Microsoft 70-680: 1.1”

  1. Prof. Messer,

    I've been an avid follower of your channel. I've been thinking of taking the 70-685 Desktop Support Technician. Would you be able to do some videos in regards to this exam. Thank You.

  2. The slide for Windows 7 Professional says it supports EFS, yet the chart with the green check marks and red x's says that Professional does not support EFS. I believe the chart is in error in that case.

  3. if you store your files withing windows you will if u do a clean install

    i advice backing everything up just to be on the safe side as some times problems can accoure when u do a upgrade

    any pc i build or install windows on gets a clean install but i use the USMT before hand

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