12 Replies to “Windows 10 Update Prevents ETH mining On 3GB GTX 1060 & AMD “Giving” Free CPUs – This Week In Tech”

  1. I've used windows 10 for 2 weeks and after i downgrade to windows 8.1 and everything is better .No more stupid updates ,spying and other stuff .Windows 10 my opinion is the worst windows ever !!Beautiful share my man !!

  2. Ok so I spent $7400 tested it out and BOGUS $9 a day WTF am I going to do with that? My breakfast cost more than that this morning, won't even pay off the cards in a year let alone the other parts and Electricity! Why are you Marketing Mining to people when its not profitable answer me this? Also show us some REAL Money from Mining Youtubers rave on about all this Money they're making show us all this Money???

    Now I'm not angry this was an experiment I calculate after taking a loss on the cards because NOBODY wanted them I will lose around $4500 more if I can't sell these Power supplies, PEOPLE its not profitable don't listen to their bullshit I know one guy I met while trying to sell my cards he lost $15,000 he can't pay his mortgage this month..

    Now this is his own fault nobody can make you do anything but come on that's an excuse he didn't know anything about Bitcoin he was watching a Fucking Youtuber who told him directly in a private message that he made $25,000 in 6 months with little electricity costs.

    With all this Crypto Marketing going on its everywhere and you Blokes are helping rip people off how the Fuck do we know what percentage the Pool takes its not regulated they could tell you 10% but in reality it could be allot more from what I saw on my screen Mining in NOT profitable period and these guys are Marketers for Mining related sponsors.

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