44 Replies to “[Windows 10] High Ping Fix”

  1. moin ich hab ne 100 k leitung und hab die probleme nur bei lol und mir hat es leider nicht geholfen ich weiß auch nicht mehr was ich noch machen soll ich hab schon so viel probiert …

  2. Hi, thank you very much for this tutorial. I have had crazy ping spikes since ive bought my new pc and upgraded to win10. Went step by step and it seems like ive got rid of these. Who cares about your english, the tutorial did its job and im very thankful to you! 😉 thanks again

  3. im new to windows 10 i never encountered any of these problems back then in windows 7 is it because of the OS or is there something wrong in windows 10 is it a good idea if i switch back to windows 7??? ty for replying

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