Windows 10 April 2018 Update – Timeline

The timeline lets you review past activities on your device so that you can jump back like you've never left.

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23 Replies to “Windows 10 April 2018 Update – Timeline”

  1. Sorry, I've already used my personal Timeline feature. At the moment I've gone back in time to 2011 and am currently using the groundbreaking Windows 7 SP1 Non-Spyware Non-Apps Non-Forced-Updates Edition.

  2. >Have you ever had the experience of digging through your email or the file folders for the document you know you wrote but just can't find?

    No, because I know how to use a computer.

  3. New function would function in English. But possibility that I fail in localization of double-byte character set. The current state and Japanese file search are incomplete. The precision of the search is inferior than Google Desktop Search.

  4. Don't really see the point in Timeline . When I want to remember something it goes in my reminders/notes lists. Everything else is logged in it's respective app.
    I guess it is nice to have a timeline but I cannot understand it's utility.

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