36 Replies to “Windows 10 April 2018 Update- Dictation”

  1. Took Microsoft WAY too long to add this simple feature. Android has been having it for YEARS and even iOS.
    Also, is Microsoft going to support multiple languages or just English? Because Google certainly supports speech recognition for tons of languages, and even Apple does.

  2. I'm using it right now as well it works perfectly fine. This is giving dragon naturallyspeaking a run for its money. I actually think that its dictating way better. Did I mention It's free lol

  3. I use Nuance Dragon Professional Individual currently for dictating. I notice you had to go back and add commas and periods after your demonstration. Does it not allow you to add them with commands (ie. "comma", "period", "begin quote", "end quote", "go back", etc.) as you're dictating much like Dragon does?

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