44 Replies to “Windows 1.0 to Windows Vista – Microsoft Desktop History”

  1. 1.0 Fairly good
    2.0 better
    3.0 The mac beats this OS
    95 WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    98 Good
    98se oooh.. =O
    2000 Now were talkin
    ME Angry face
    XP Insane and Cool!
    Vista The mac beats this OS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7 YES!!!! MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!
    8 Dislike the new interface
    8.1 Finally they got rid of most of the new interface
    9 Skipped
    10 Better than XP,Not as Swagger as windows 7

  2. I don't know why they skip Win 9 when only every 2nd version is good , after 8 /8.1 was crappy 9 should be good again, I'm curious what they come up with. Best of is that all those key shit come to an end, who had thought this after you need already 2 (Install- & License key) for Win 8 😉

  3. OH GOD THE NOSTALGIA. THE NOOOOOSSSSSTTTTTAAAALLLLLGGGGIIIAAA!!!!!!!- A problem has been detected and marioandpeefan09 has shut down to prevent damage to the universe.

  4. 1.0 – crap layout but good concept.
    2.0 – crap but good concept.
    3.0/3.1 – good.
    95 – revolutionary at the time.
    98 – awesome.
    NT 4.0 – good.
    2k – very good.
    ME – aweful.
    XP – awesome, my favorite operating system.
    Vista – ok, had a lot of issues but SP2 corrected them all.
    7 – awesome – Windows 7 was the new Windows XP.
    8 – aweful.

  5. My first computer was a 2000 Compaq Desktop with a 300-500 MHz processor, 64 MB of ram, and a 20 GB harddrive. Eventually ungraded the ram to 128 MB and it was so fast ;). Now I have a Lenovo laptop with a 2.67 GHz Intel Core i5, 6 GB of memory, and a 640 GB harddrive.

  6. To the one that said How do you install a virual machine? Its to them put a installation disc for a OS and open your virtualmachine program make a virtual machine if you dont have one. Then run your virtual machine. It will be installing!

  7. My opinions

    95: Nice at the time

    98: Pretty good

    2000: Enjoyed it

    ME: Sucked

    XP: A huge step forward for microsoft

    Vista: Good in graphics, blows in performance

    7: Great

    8: Graphic and interface changes, not so much performance

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