Why you SHOULDN’T be dual booting.

This video is not a short statement: This video is not about why you don't need Windows partitioning. This is not the ethics of some Stallman-style non-free software. This is not what I want to play for games that I don't like or games that aren't available on Linux. This is not my simple opposition to Windows or WINE.

This video is just my idea, why shouldn't you double start or play games through wine.

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  1. first of all linux isnt gaming platform of future because first it needs to become user friendly witch is 10000% not. secondly until i will use adobe and msoffice(less problems in school) i will use windows dual boot and until Wow, HS and many games (most of them i own since before i started using linux) i will be using windows its much better less time constraining

  2. Actualy there is as much ethic in paid software as in free software only difference is someone is putting their hard labour for free where in paid someone wants to get paid witch is totaly understandable

  3. To be honest, I have a Windows 10 PC with an Ubuntu partition, I mainly use Windows because the games on there are more than on linux, and in general most games are already out for Windows, that means that I don't have to wait several years for my favourite games to come out on Linux

  4. If you have a OEM laptop like HP, Dell, Asus, or Acer, then DON’T DUALBOOT. It will mess up your partitions including your recovery partition and their will be no way to factory reset your computer.

  5. Please change the title, it sounds like you mean that it is bad for the hardware of your Computer. Change it to something like "Why I don't recommend dualbooting."

  6. Linux is the gaming platform of the future guys! All you have to do is not buy games on Windows because apparently the only way Linux can become popular is if we sabotage Microsoft!

  7. Gamers should unite, install linux, and wait for games to be released on it. as simple as possible. someone important in the gaming community should create an even, website or something, but yeah, who cares, you just want to play game.

  8. Problem is… some of the best games are windows-Only….. WoW…. FFXIV… Terraria… Starbound… I couldn't pass these up. And WINE support is spotty for some of these games, and there's just too many problems sadly. Though it is nice that you don't judge people for going Windows or even Dual-Booting… but yeah, I'd love to see better compatibility for Linux, but sadly I think that'll be a few years yet at least. Hopefully at some point, the lines will blur between Windows and Linux and it will be easier to use stuff like WINE. Because I really don't want to be forced to Win10 in about 3-5 years.

  9. For me in linux is no space for game and no reason for doing games on linux.
    I use dual booting w7 and debian8 and i thing it's not bad if you want play you have to pay and that is a economy.
    If you have gaming pc that is actually realy expensive you for sure have extra 60$ for windows πŸ˜‰

  10. So are you possibly suggesting we have a windows pc and a separate machine for Linux. I dual boot but honestly I only do non-Linux games and backup my iPhone, also I buy my games in Linux if it supports both. But you made the most credible non guilt ridden or preachy argument I’ve heard so far πŸ‘

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