Visit Amsterdam – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is not just a red light district, ladies are in the Windows, coffee shop, in addition to coffee, many things are sold, such as drugs and may be the most dangerous stairs Partially visited Europe. Many tourists are surprised to find that Amsterdam is an amazing city. It can ride on bicycles or jump out of a road. The number of cultures and museums will make your head turn as many as ladies.
This video covers 10 things that shock tourists and travelers…

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  1. The Dutch speaking English is only a surprise to uneducated people. The Dutch are well-educated and speak English as well as other languages. We share this trait with other well-educated people in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland and most European countries.

  2. I'm just a minute into this video and…first it's not the Ricks museum, it's the rijksmuseum pronounced with a long "I" sound. And these beggars you speak of, I guess I missed them. I live here and have used Centraal Station many times and have never seen a beggar. Could you get some video. And connecting a group of drunk boys that you also have no video of with a passing ambulance is really nonsense and somehow making it an Amsterdam thing is dumb. It's prudent to stay away from drunk Yahoo!'s anywhere. I'll watch the rest of this just to see what other crap you come up with.

  3. last year a russian billionaire bought 5 houses each next to each other. .. and combined them (worth of 150.000.000 euros) in the heart of amsterdam … i mean… this guy is a lucky motherfucker !

  4. I went to Ann Franks house in the early morning.. I ended up getting there an hour before it opened and there was already people in line. I stayed in the lineup but had no idea till opening time how crazy it really was. I am Canadian but so glad I went to see her house and learn more about her.

  5. small tip about going to the bathroom, if you don't want to use those public green circles of paradise, just walk into any big chain hotel, ground floor/lobby's of big chain hotel's are considered public domain so they usually have these toilet groups on the ground floor.
    keep in mind that (like everything in Amsterdam) the attitude of the hotel staff towards this can change during night time

  6. There were an abnormal amount of museums in Amsterdam, even the beer manufacturer Heineken has it's own museum. The town is pretty with all the canals. I agree about the bike riders. The company i was with had employees that ate lots of cold cut and simple food during lunch hour. I don't know if that is normal, but that is what i saw.

    There were loads of restaurants in the city core, way more than usual. Madam Tussauds was interesting to visit, it was closed when i was in London, so i am glad that i visited it in Amsterdam. The airport (Schiphol) is also a large shopping centre so if you want to do that before your flight you can.

  7. Most things are correct but been several times now and only ever been asked for money by a beggar once and it was after he spotted us lost and gave us directions back to our hotel so in my mind he'd earned it. Also save on accomodation and camp, only 20 euro for 2 a night. camping is walking distance from central station and awsome facilities, never use hotels now.

  8. The biggest tip I can give anyone visiting the Netherlands is: Don't stay in the major tourist hotspots. Like Amsterdam and Rotterdam. As said in the video, the prices can get pretty insane in this places. And there tend to be a lot more…"unsavory" folk in the streets. Plus those big cities are generally rather crowded. Go to a lesser known city and you'll have a far better experience in my opinion. Plus there's usually more nature around too if that's your kind of thing.

    As for the pot smell thing. Yea…been to Amsterdam myself quite a few times and I even had some random guy stand next to me in the tram one time. He had this glazed over look in his eyes and an unlit joint between his fingers. Could smell him from a few feet away. Since then I've become a smoker myself, but at least I keep it in my own home or at a friends'.

    As someone from Zwolle (a smaller city with more of a village mentality) I wish more tourists would come our way every now and then. The country has a LOT more to offer than just Amsterdam and the like after all. Both in places to visit and in the people you can meet.

  9. Personally, I didn’t see a single beggar when I visited. I agree about their English, their accent is really easy to understand too. The bikes took some getting used to for sure! Stairs are crazy there, almost vertical in some places! 🤣

  10. I'll add #11 "Using the bathroom in Amsterdam costs money. Sometimes as much as 1 euro."
    If you eat at a restaurant or drink at a cafe, they usually waive the fee, but be prepared, because not all do this.

  11. At 01:09 in the video: Wenn you see a group of drunks heading your way, you should be careful. But a group of stoners are no danger. Please do your research. Other than that, good video.


  12. Please please please, biking is fun for tourist, but DO NOT STOP on a cycle path, its the same as stopping on the middle of the highway to look around. Even walking with your bike, go to the sidewalk.

  13. I smelled pot this evening. In my room. In Washington. I bought it at The Herbery. I think that's what the place is called. There are lots of play on Mary Jane. Because Washington. It's legal here. 😀 It is fantastic for helping with stress and migraines.

  14. I study in Amsterdam, so I get to Amsterdam Central on a daily basis. I only once encountered a homeless guy asking me for money and when I said no, he was cool with it. Therefore I think point 1 is a little bit too much.

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