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  1. i Resently had to do a system restore.. And feel like my laptop will never be the same my d: drive is almost full and my c: drive is in good condition .
    d= 1.24gb free of 10.8 Recovery
    c= 244gb free of 287gb
    i have a cindows vista home premioum..
    Also progames stop working unexpectacly. and Wireless conection options well i only get one option.. i dont have a router but have a sony vaio with cable internet. Can You Help..

  2. holy crap, after i stoped alot of my startup programs i now only use about 4% to 15% at a time, and with my amd fusion it takes it down to 4% to 6% avg, and i only have 3GB of ram. Your computer if extremely inefficient.

  3. I'm sorry I couldn't resist. It's just that since moving to Ubuntu from Vista, I haven't had to do any service tweaking. All I have done is install some drivers for my WiFi dongle, which I could of done through the GUI but chose to do through the CLI, because it is faster, and rearranged the panels a bit, installed Flash and Java support, which you have to do in ALL OS's and as it is Linux, I have my /home directory on a different partition to the root of the filesystem. So it'll be safer…

  4. Thanks ,I will have vista quite soon ,but my computer will be powerful enough to run it.
    But still i will probably won't use all of those services so I might as well disable them.
    Thanks again 🙂

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