TrueOS: Linux or Windows Alternative

TrueOS is a Windows or Linux alternative based on the FreeBSD operating system. In this video, I installed TrueOS in VirtualBox and tried a series of applications.

The TrueOS website is here:

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  1. Try to install the OS on real hardware and the experience will be different … FreeBSD, and by extension TrueOS, does not support modern PC hardware nearly as well as Linux. Drivers for GPU, sound and/or wifi will often be unstable on most off the shelf laptops. To enjoy the system fully, you'd need to find an older laptop, or be otherwise very mindful of hardware compatibility. Or most preferably, help the project by improving the drivers and contribute. FreeBSD/TrueOS need more developers than casual users.

  2. Thanks for the video – I'm DL TrueOS with a view to giving it a spin in my VM – something tells me the guys aver at True OS have been experiencing a higher than normal download requests since your video. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. BSD is certainly better than Linux architecturally, but I am really tired of yet another UNIX distro wether its Linux or BSD. I would love to see an up and coming OS that makes a clean break with legacy operating systems.

  4. the two biggest issues with linux are: package manager – repos that fail (versioning), gpu drivers (nvidia – bumble/whatever and sometimes conflicts with intel – which heats up laptop)

    maybe three biggest issues: which all relate back to support from third parties non-related

    but the first issue related to a package manager which both can lookup and find the repos required and download and install packages required without having to worry about duplicate repos, incorrect versions, conflicting packages, packages the destroy your os – things like that…

    its been too long to get that right – i might be creating something to fix that….maybe

  5. Technically you can mount a USB flash drive in VirtualBox there's a USB icon bottom right hand corner of the VirtualBox window when you're running it right click it and select what drive you want to mount you will also need VirtualBox Extension Pack installed inside VirtualBox

  6. I did the safe home folder on usb a long time ago (do not remember was it 2008 or 2009).
    Also around the same time did a multiboot costom boot menus and backrounds and menuinfos where you can boot up live os-s (win 7 included) or pressistent encrupted live os or many boot tools and so on (the drive had 4 partitions) so you can eighter boot any system from the drive or use drive home dir on an existing install on a system you want to use.
    That project saddly ended because of IRL stuff but will defenetly continue it (i also had many request to share it with public and to make a webpage for it) some day, defenetly !

    It was the time when USB3 came to my country as doing it with usb2 was a nightmare.

  7. Did you notice explaining the future site showing nearly instantly, yes it's thanks to it's base among servers and really advanced networking stack

  8. This comes to you from TrueOS – just set up on a HP 15 laptop (full installation). In my opinion don't waste your time. The same laptop runs Linux Lite without any problems and is reasonably responsive. TrueOS is extraordinarily slow and unresponsive.

  9. FreeBSD is the most secure operating systems, banking servers run on it, Apple uses code from FreeBSD, top of the line industrial routers and modems run on BSD as well. But it is not a good operating system for a desktop PC. While the library of apps is very large, and you can have all the expected application analogs, one huge drawback is that you cannot game on it, there is no steam for it and never will be, there are no 3D games for it and never will be. This is a very industrial open source operating system, parts of which you can experience when using a Mac, or school wifi.

    This video is shit, and this TrueOS is not actual OS, its a crappy GUI over FreeBSD. To get true experience of FreeBSD you need to compile the system yourself, and install a custom GUI that is actually good (TrueOS is utter garbage) the most functional GUI will look similar to linux and mac, I also heard that its easy to port mac applications to freeBSD if you are a developer

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