Top 5 Best Free Video Players for Windows (2018)

These are the best free video players in Windows… To play videos stored on your computer, you need a reliable media player. If you run the Windows operating system, then a lot of software can play most popular video and audio formats. In addition to being able to play files, it is important to have a lightweight media player that will not slow down your computer. In this video, I will count down the top 5 video players you can use on your computer…

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  1. If you're a software developer, from this day forward, if you include additional software or any other crap into your installer, your programs will no longer be mentioned or featured on this channel. In other words, your software will be dead to me!…. To the loyal viewers, thanks for watching πŸ™‚

  2. My favourite video player for the past year is POT Player. It plays videos so smooth. I used KMPlayer before but I stopped when they crammed it full with ads and just unnecessary stuff.

  3. Hi, TechGumbo! Thanks for the video! I'll try PotPlayer out later.

    By the way, do you know of a reliable motion interpolation software that doesn't hog a lot of performance? At the moment the easiest option available is SVP, which does slow everything down in your operating system – as it's been a frequent complaint in forums.
    Otherwise, I think Adobe Premiere enables you to use motion interpolation to enhance the framerate of a video and make it look at 50, 60 fps or whichever rate you need. Otherwise, do you know of other video editors that let you do that? Any free ones? I can't get used to encoding with AviSynth.

    Thanks for the videos! Keep up the good stuff!

  4. Thanks for that about not including videos on programs with crapware πŸ™‚
    For the songs I like to listen too I have found that no matter how many I try I always come back to winamp version 2.95
    I add the plugin to play flac files and that is pretty much it.
    As for video players, I am still looking for that "ONE". However they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.
    Of course once again you have made my life miserable by showing us all these great options to download and try.
    I have tried MPC before and might again. It was great but fell off for a bit and so I use VLC now.
    Oh well, sadly it looks like I will be busy again with your great chooses [dang it] LOL πŸ™‚
    Great video yet again. Looking forward to no life in the future when you do more videos πŸ˜›
    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  5. _
    I use Zoom Player Max ( not the free version ).
    VLC wasn't nearly as customizable.

    Zoom Player can be boarderless,
    so you see nothing but the video;
    hit a key, and the time line appears.

    About a hundred functions can be assigned
    to keystrokes and or the mouse.

    When I DoubleClick a video file,
    it always starts at the same location,
    at the same size.

    In a .REG file, I put:


    @=".MP4 file"

    @="> Text"
    @="C:\__\EXEs\Console2\Console.EXE -r "/C ffmPeg -i \"%1\" -map 0:s Subtitle.TXT.SRT && Ren Subtitle.TXT.SRT Subtitle.TXT ""

    @="> zPlayer"
    @="C:\__\EXEs\ZoomPlayer\zPlayer.EXE /X:1920 /Y:1000 /W:1920 /H:1080 "%1""
    ; EVR && !SmartPlay. SmartPlay can not do it right.
    ; VMR9, MadVR, and ffdShow are too slow.
    ; In "__EXEsZoomPlayerzplayer.local":
    ; D:skngrp_InternalMedia810|8 ( 8 == NoFrame, 4 == ReSizable ).
    ; D:SaveSkinPos|0 ( 1 == SizingSticks ).


  6. Perhaps the greatest feature of VLC is that it will look at DVD region coding bullshit and completely ignore it. There is no need to try and find additional software just to play your legally owned DVDs, and there is no danger of locking down your disk player hardware to one region.

  7. Thanks for your great advices about software, it would be great if you do "top software" for architecture and engineering in Linux, I can't find a substitute for autocad, lumion or sketchup

  8. i have a REAL CHALLENGE for you TECH GUMBO: find a video player that CONVERTS foreign audio movies INTO an ENGLISH AUDIO video(dubbed is fine), IF you find that, i WILL find you more subscribers. I want to watch monster hunt(Chinese-Hong Kong movie), but its audio is in its foreign language, but the subtitles are english, its very confusing to watch a movie this way. please help

  9. VLC is jam-packed with features (recording desktop, screenshots, download videos, Icecast Radio Directory, Jamendo Selections playlists…) and deservedly gets the #1 spot (new version 3.0.2). I also frequently use MPC-HC Media Player Classic to watch movies simply because I like being able to control the volume using the mouse scroll wheel and stop/start by clicking anywhere on the screen and I can not part with Windows Media Player because I love how it organizes my music. It's always a pleasure to watch your videos – Β‘Muchas gracias! πŸ‘Œ

  10. I switch FROM VLC TO PotPlayer within the last 18months and find the experiece to be much smoother.
    VLC is good, but PotPlayer is just that step better in my opinion.

  11. My TOP 3 players are:
    1) PotPlayer – it has nice skins and has a lots of customise options (and not only). Real beast and I love it.
    2) MPC-BE – I find it to be better iteration of MPC-HC. Not only it has more pleasant look "out of the box", has many more features and is still updated.
    3) VLC – only for special occasions.

  12. This Channel Is My Absolute Most Favorite! I Always Trust You TechGumbo When I Need Help And Guidance! I Want To Say Thank You So Much For Your Efforts And Help! You Are The Best! This Is By Far The Best Tech Channel! And I Truly Mean It!

  13. This Video Is Truly Helpful! Thank You So Much For Addressing This Topic, TechGumbo.
    It's Unfortunate That MPC-HC Is No Longer Supported. However, It's Still My Favorite Along With VLC Media Player.

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