TechWorldTV #002 – GTX 1180 Specs ‘Revealed’? Ryzen 2 Aftermath, Windows 10 Lean

This is Episode 2 of TechWorldTV and Tech Deals (, and Tech YES City. You can also check nerds on the budget channel –

0:00 is established
1:30 – What's the most exciting thing about Ryzen 2?
5:05 – GTX 1180 12nm Flash Specification and Rumors
12:56 – 4770K vs 4790K – Refresh or Rebrand? Intel revisited?
19:29 – The person – the content of the dilemma
25:57 – Does Ryzen 2 have 10 cores in x470's work? 2800X …

24 Replies to “TechWorldTV #002 – GTX 1180 Specs ‘Revealed’? Ryzen 2 Aftermath, Windows 10 Lean”

  1. tech deals your killing me !!! a 6 core 8400 will last 4-5 years easily and a quad core isnt oboslete yet either , my old 4690k is still rocking it , had a 970 and 1070 both getting 1080p high -ultra 60 every game with this 4th gen quad

  2. That Tinder thing, really? That's just wrong. I mean, I don't think this guy would have that much trouble finding a one night stand, a free one. All been relative of course, he's attractive (specially the eyes, gorgeous, subjective, I know), has a functional brain, seemingly nice. His surroundings are well organized and well kept (love that red wall), hard workings, capable of establishing an intellectual conversation (specially about tech), his video music is always good. All in all, a Great deal. Or am I wrong? And I'm just been "a guy" and "don't get it" there's more to it than the specs sheet XD.
    Well I hope when he does decide to look he find an awesome girl. so you both be lucky.

    As for the snappiness. I think it's not placebo, but that it might not last forever. Like how the latest and greatest smart phones always seems to predict where you'll tap or open next with how snappy it all feel. But months later, is not the same thing.

    I agreed with trying to go for something that will last you a lot longer than just 2 years. Since you don't know what can happened. Some people don't mind upgrading every 18 months or so. But personally, my luck usually is that if I get the lesser option considring to upgrade soonish, shit happens, unexpected medical bills, accidents, hurricanes, car broke, etc. and end up stuck unable to upgrade, sometimes for years.

  3. Honestly intel has been dissapointing over last 10y, it has been a case of new cpu same as the old cpu. And i've moved to a 1700x and now a 2600 after years with them.

    Here's the thing, everybody is loosing their minds that a 8700k can OC to 5.2ghz and that ryzens only get 400-600mhz OC. So what?, how much can the 8700K OC over its stock clocks? 500-600mhz on avge? Wow! Gimmie a break, hinestly that sucks at best.
    Remember the E4300?, i took that from 1800mhz to 3650mhz on water back then, over 100% OC and over double the clocks.
    My Q9650 3Ghz went up to 4.5Ghz back in 2008, and i've hit 5.1ghz with a 2700k. So forgive me for being less than impressed that 6-7y later nothing has changed much.

    Amd may not be great at everything right now, but these boys are realy trying and it shows.
    Ram glitches were solved in 3 months, performance is up a lot, prices are down $170 from 1800x. So ya AMD is firing on all cilinders right now.
    And i appriciate the effort and al the work these guys vahe put into their products.

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