Server 2012 Join Windows 8 to Domain

How to Add Windows 8 to a Domain (Windows Server 2012). Joining a client computer to the domain is a fairly simple process. However, I received several quiet queries from the audience asking for help. At the bottom of this tutorial is a troubleshooting section that can help if you have problems.
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10 Replies to “Server 2012 Join Windows 8 to Domain”

  1. I had trouble joining my Win8 client to the domain. The problem was that the WIn8 client's DNS server config was still pointing to my HOME router, and not my new domain's router. Once I made the configuration change all worked as expected. Hope this helps others.

  2. ok here is what i did to get it working it was actually really easy.
    First here is my setup
    Physical Machine1 Windows 8 Pro x64
    Physical Machine2 Windows Server 2012
    VM1- running on physical machine2- Windows home server 2011
    on Physical Machine2 i installed os then installed vbox
    in vbox set the whs2011 network settings to host only
    on physical machine2 bridge vbox network connection with physical NIC
    set up static ip for bridged connection and for VM1 Working like a champ.

  3. Oh you are using pfsense as well… you might have to set firewall settings in pfsense to allow the physical machines to communicate with the vm environment… I haven't set that up as of yet so I don't have the instructions for ya (at this moment).

  4. ok i can only ping the virtual server if i take pfsense and set the server into bridge mode. should i leave it like this or is there something else i need to try this is very annoying would be awesome if i could get it to work been messing with it for like a week now.

  5. Make sure you can ping the virtual computers from the physical ones. Also make sure your physical computer's DNS settings are pointing to the virtual DNS server. They should join at that point.

  6. ok how do i get a physical computer to connect to the virtual server. i have been able to get the virtual server to see all the computers on the physical network and even been able to remote into the virtual server but i cant exchange files between the physical pc and the virtual pc any help would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Very much looking forward to the default OU change on join. Though most of my machines join just after sysprep via a script (and go to the right OU), for those times I have to do it by hand I always manage forget to go to the PDC and move them… but never looked in to changing that due to the rarity in my case. Never the less thanks for these videos!

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