RetroUI: Make Windows 8 Behave Like Windows 7

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If you or a member of your project team has a new computer running Windows 8, you know that it's easy to get lost, screens/applications disappear, and you're often wasting a lot of time trying to perform operations. Unless you have a touch screen computer and/or need to use a Windows 8 application, why not push Windows 8 aside and let your new computer behave like…

10 Replies to “RetroUI: Make Windows 8 Behave Like Windows 7”

  1. Hi Anthony – Sorry — I'm just an ordinary user recommending this product to make Win 8 behave like Win 7. I don't have any idea why your apps wouldn't be working. Was your computer designed (did it ship with…) Win 8? If so, then your seller should help you figure it out. – Mike G.

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