19 Replies to “Quick look review of Windows 10 Insider preview build 17666 Redstone 5 May 9th 2018”

  1. Will the dark Explorer theme also change the menubar color of other programs? It's kind of ugly to have a, let's say, text editor with dark background and a colored titlebar with white menubar in between.

  2. I was able to launch edge from phone on last build. What do you foresee for the iPhone with iMessage being proprietary?

    The install was the same for me with stalling.

    I'm thinking about pulling out my old winphone to see how that plays with this.

  3. Hi Giles, I really like the Cortana enhance screen it appears much larger with a richer display. I also like the dark themes but I would like to see different color background themes maybe even custom theme whether that would be pictures or maybe a sports theme background or whatever background you would like to use I think that would give it a more unique feel to it. Thanks for the update.

  4. I wish the sets would be available just for that app. Seeing File Explorer, and Edge on the same window is not nice. There should be an option for tabs being limited for that specific app/Win32.

    Also Dark File Explorer is not nice. But it is for like night time reasons and all.

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