Python Tutorial – Your First Program

If you want to go into computer programming, a simple way is to use Python. Here's a quick tutorial that will show you how to get started with Python programming on Windows.


Random import

n = random.randint(1,10)
Print ("I'm thinking about numbers between 1 and 10")

Running = True
When running:
Guess_str = input ("guess")
Guess = int(guess_str)
If you guess == n:

29 Replies to “Python Tutorial – Your First Program”

  1. Gary knows his stuff. He is undoubtedly a Tech expert. However he just rushed through the fundamentals of programming way too fast in this video. He barely explained everything. If you know about programming this video won’t be of any use to you. If you don’t know anything about programming you won’t understand what he is saying. Who exactly was this video for?

  2. Cool video, I personally use VB and I'm just starting to learn python, and this was simple and easy to follow.
    A video suggestion : How to dual boot windows and linux. Hope you take in to consideration.

  3. Thanks for a nice Python video. I think learning Python will be easier via a structured course rather than ad-hoc youtube videos.

    I think a good idea for a mini-series is an overview of each individual language, what is it good for and how to get started (e.g. best courses online) – Python would be a great start

  4. Sir, i follow all of your explain videos…. I want to be a android rom developer. Is it mandatory to know programming languages for that??? If yes, than which language do i have to learn??? I watched your video on how to develop rom but i am not clear about this. Please help me…

  5. Python is the ultimate high level language especially for learning. I learned on VB and C which was much less straight forward. Some people don't realize how powerful python actually is.

  6. Btw I love your videos but this one would have been better if it would have had at least a little depth. Like maybe telling a little bit about Python. Like telling that numbers are pseudo-random and not random. I am saying because you are very good at explaining and people will easily get it.

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