NEW META IS HERE?! 14 BIG CHANGES & NEW OP CHAMPS Patch 8.10 – League of Legends

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27 Replies to “NEW META IS HERE?! 14 BIG CHANGES & NEW OP CHAMPS Patch 8.10 – League of Legends”

  1. what about the bounty thing on kills, i came just for it more gold on shut downs or more gold when u are on a killing spree starting at 3/0 ?

  2. Okay I understand the sentiment for making it so that non-support or jungle players can't build items for those respective roles. And for jungle, that's a simple procedure: Does the player have smite? Yes? Then they're a jungler. If not, they're not a jungler and can't use the corresponding items. But how the fuck do you tell if someone is playing support? Does Riot not know that people switch roles in champ select?

  3. hmmmm without the extra attack speed from the machete i am thinking many champions will have slower clear times and will result in a longer lane phase. Might seem like a small change but could have big enough impact if abused correctly

  4. thank god for that kha R change. him being invisible every time he hit a brush is so blatantly op i don't know how that made it out of pbe. someone with that much mobility and execution power being invisible almost all the time.

  5. Riots blocking any flexability like going double smite or buying supp items for adc for exmpl – and all Red says – "its for better". Ok,sure. Lets delete all diversity,lock champs roles and other shitty stuff "for better". So,like Velkoz and Brand can go only mid and cant be support and etc. <3
    what the fuck.

  6. "ULTIMATE ONLINE action rpg experience! Combining a DEEP-SOUL CAMPAIGN, with an EPIC STORYLINE and FIERCE 5v5 online multiplayer battles. The BEST part is ———- ON IOS AND ANDROID" LULULUL

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