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  1. WIndows 7 is the king of Operating System period. If you do want to spend some time learning and making things work on Linux it's fine, I do that but when it comes to reliability and get your professional job done there is no question Windows 7 is the way to go. I like Linux but it has serious problems with Ati graphic cards whatever the reason you can't wait of go through the painful experience of having sluggish windows, lag and so forth.

  2. Windows > Linux > Mac

    Why: Windows is highly compatible and is a great operating system all around.
    Linux has some compatibly issues, that being said it is very fast which is very GOOD.
    Macs are expensive and are just pc or linux with limited programs and a really weird ui.

  3. @sillychicken599 Mac OS X and Ubuntu are similar and different at the same time. When it comes down to the gui of both os's, then they're different. But when it comes down to just using a terminal, well they to me are very similar…like the command lines are pretty much the same. If you want to run windows apps like games or whatnot you'll need to run wine or crossover or just use a virtual machine. I've been using Ubuntu for quite some time and I have both good and bad experiences with it

  4. On this Video you can see how a Typcial Windows/Mac user think.

    The GUI is the Operating System.

    Well designed GUI = Good Operating System
    Bad designed GUI = Bad Opearting System

    Your games dont work = Bad Operating System except its Mac OS X. The GUI worths that nothing works

  5. you can play a lot of game on linux some person gona say that ist not good for it beacause they dont know how to do it well a lot of comercial game now make game to fit on linux ..

  6. It's perfectly possible to get good video quality with Ubuntu/Linux screen recorders, most likely GTK-RecordMyDesktop (which isn't built in to Ubuntu, no screen recorders are I don't think).

  7. wadda ya need a video for?
    given x.tar.bz2
    bunzip2 ./x.tar.bz2
    tar -xvf ./x.tar
    and the files will be extracted depending on the tar file you may need to copy the extracted files to a different place

  8. Its installed by default, Goto System>Preferences>Appearance on the window that appears click on the Visual Effects tab and select Extra.
    (P.S. its actually not called beryl its called Compiz Fusion, Don't ask!! )

  9. I like ubuntu a lot but still use XP as well have gone the grub root and it's a handy one for when sumink go's wrong with XP as I can still get to my files and on the net just wish it had better support for games then MS could get lost 🙂

  10. i currently am trying xubuntu out i think the only diffrent is the XFCE interface. I bought a wireless card which didnt use proprietary drivers and its working nice. I just find it a lot diffrent and it needs a lot of tweaking to get it too so what ya want it too.

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