Mojang Created This FREE Map But IS IT ANY GOOD?

Yesterday released the water task, here is a full play for my world Xbox One, my world of Windows 10, and my world pocket version – collectively referred to as me World PE or My World Bedrock

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  1. omg great minds think alike I literally suggested on their website to add villages underwater (of course with villagers that could breathe underwater) and it would be a rare find so you'd be able to trade shells or heart of seas instead of emeralds I hope they actually use that suggestion because it would be a good addition

  2. I just got it and played it.
    My opinion:
    Im impressed at how detailed everything is! Not sure if its any fast or lag-free for mobile, especially for those potato-playas out there, i played it on win10. But the details are great!

    The gameplay is fun too. The parqour (totally mispelled that) is challenging and fun. The fights are great, especially how its mostly underwater battles. It shows off the new features and blocks.

    Overall, the map is worth hopping to a server for a half hour just to find it.

    Also, the entire map also integrated a hidden tutorial, like the sprint to jump far, bed spawning and everything aqua, like the 1×1 hole swimming and the introduction to the new enchantments.
    (Spoiler btw)

    Like how near the ending, it self-teaches you about how riptide in rain lets you boost jump away like a dolphin, and can be repeated mid-air.

    11/10 would swim again

  3. Oof for me the pistols in the trick hallway started glitching real bad i had to go into creative mode and fix em. But other than that it was super cool :33
    The jellyfish part also took much much longer on pe

  4. I'm sorry but I have no idea what you were talking about throughout the video. But thanks for letting me know about the new map! Your very helpful! Thanks!!!

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