MNitra Tutorial – Nodium ($XN) Masternode Setup Guide from Start to Finish

Another MNitra tutorial shows you how to set up a Nodium Masternode from start to finish, all with minimal input and fuss. Compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux.

Learn how to set up Masternode on DigitalOcean VPS. With our automated deployment script, you will have a secure and fully configured Masternode that can be started in minutes, all without the knowledge of Linux. Click, deploy, and harvest your rewards! …

7 Replies to “MNitra Tutorial – Nodium ($XN) Masternode Setup Guide from Start to Finish”

  1. Great guide, was able to get my Nodium MN started in less than 30 minutes 🙂

    Quick comment on your videos in general though… Maybe raise the instructional text on the bottom ever so slightly – the Youtube progress bar blocks all of your text and it can be a pain to pause and rewind so often to get the instructions ! Thank you though for your channel 🙂

  2. i am having trouble getting the masternode outputs command to show any information. when i type it in it does not give me the txhash number or the outputidx. i transferred 10300 instead of exactly10000, do you think this is why i am not able to get the output info. thanks for the help.

  3. Hello there Thanks for the video Its way more easy compare to others but I have been trying to solve it even thought I hav edone everything properly once I type nodium~ice getinfo it says no command found and the masternode is in missing status if I try to start it from the wallet then I keep getting the fail to start … invalid ip etc this and that error. same error everysingle time. What do I do ?

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