Minecraft Aquatic Update SECRET – FLOAT Crouching

reveals secrets and explains secret secrets for Minecraft Xbox One, Minecraft Windows 10, and Minecraft Pocket Edition – collectively known as Minecraft PE or Minecraft Bedrock

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21 Replies to “Minecraft Aquatic Update SECRET – FLOAT Crouching”

  1. Crouching was not a toggled feature on Windows 10 minecraft I was using. This aquatic update is great because I can now, for the first time, swim down and actually move far easier underwater. Something was very wrong with underwater swimming in my version before this update. The only way to go down was to slowly sink; it meant getting into an ocean monument took a battering from guardians before getting to the entrance. Moving forward underwater was a feat in itself as 'auto-jump' had to be turned off. Not so now, yippee!

  2. I HATE the new stupid crouch animation!!!!!
    It does not make it feel like im bowing to anyone anymore!!!!
    This is the only game in existance where crouching ISNT used exclusivly for teebagging people….
    Its like i crouch in front of someone and instead of respectfully bowing to them i just nod my head to them….

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