Installing Windows XP on a Netbook Via USB (Acer Aspire One)

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Get error "" E: FAT FAT32 or NTFS formatted and invalid "? See my latest post:

32 Replies to “Installing Windows XP on a Netbook Via USB (Acer Aspire One)”

  1. i've been struggling all weekend over "has NOT FAT FAT32 or NTFS Format and is NOT Valid" error when i am at the 2nd option which is to point the USB drive. run multiboot10 at a xp machine will solve this problem.

  2. Is this stuff still working or the software went kaputt?
    1) I tried three different USB ( under 2 Gbytes) in the 4 different ports of my PC and not a single one gets recognised by the software, despite the PC sees them all
    2) I formatted manually the USB, follow ths info and then get "***ERROR – selected Path does contain I386 and is Invalid"
    NOW I am completely stuck…!

  3. Hi Duncan
    Thanks for this video, I managed to re-install my own netbook myself but ive been struggling for weeks with my mum's as when i tried the first time it installed windows twice, eeek! Currently at 73% of the new install now after deleting the partition. Fingers crossed it works! One request, any chance you could do a video on how to keep acer aspires running fast after a new install? I have noticed my own has slowed down a bit since the re-install so i'm wondering if there is a weekly routine (defrag, cc cleaner, disk clean up etc) that us acer lovers should be doing to keep them running fast? Many thanks!

  4. I followed your advise about changing the drive letter by creating a partition then rebooting but when i come back to the menu its still assigning drive letter C to the flash drive, I know what you said is fact because its been said before but its not working for me.

  5. if you have the Xp disc running in an optical drive and it somehow doesnt auto select the source path how do you locate it manually.Also is there a way that you can copy and paste Xp files from a disc onto the desktop then make that the source path

  6. I'm getting rhe same error…. Can't locate USB drive in PeToUSB! Any suggestions? I already tried closing and opening from the multiboot folder and Run As Administrator… that didn't work. Also tried changing the VER line in multiboot.cmd file… anything else? =(

  7. Top banana got my Aspire 1 AoA150 form my dad after he was told the m/board and screen were fried by a "Computer Engineer" at a high street shop, watched your vid, flashed bios and installed XP on my old 120gb HDD and boom. ive got myself a notebook i can take offshore and watch some movies

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