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  1. Thanks for a well-done video Dale.

    I went looking for it and couldn't remember how to find it but your video made it clear.

    The reason I wanted to find it was when transferring a bunch of .jpg files this morning from one directory to another, I accidentally touched the keyboard and saw, too late, that the images were being sent somewhere else. I figured it would be easy to find them, but so far no luck.

    Does event viewer show events like this one I'm concerned with? Even with EV open in front of me, I don't see anything that looks like it would take me to the missing files. I don't even see where to clear the log – if I could find the log. I've got Windows Ultimate.

    If you would, just tell me please if event viewer would be useful for finding files that got misdirected this morning. They are somewhere on the computer . . . but where?

    Thanks, Mike

  2. Hey, Dale, thanks for the video.
    Two questions…..I don't THINK you covered.
    1. I've never even SEEN my event viewer before, never mind cleared it, so should I be able to go back to the day I started using it and see events from, say, 4 years ago?
    2. I'm getting error messages I believe are related to a program (Lenovo Energy Manager) which was bloatware from new. I removed the application, but I think there's an old DLL file that still "looks" for it whenever I use the Control Panel. Might my removal of that program still show up as an event……and under what heading would I find it. (I'm only seeing 2016 stuff now, and my "event" would date back to 2013 or 14.)
    Thanks for any thoughts.

  3. Sometimes when I am looking around internet, my system will pause briefly for about 10 seconds then come back. I may be wrong but I am thinking someone might be hijacking my system. Is there a way in Event Viewer to check for unauthorized logon? Would that also be under Application or Security?

  4. My event Viewer comes on by itself and then I cant get back on the network,I gotta call my ISP to get back on plus it shows 27,000 something warnings.Can somebody please tell me how to fix it.

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