How to Use the Calendar in Windows 8

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to use the calendar in Windows 8.

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The Windows 8 operating system allows you to organize your stuff on all levels. Calendar apps are not new products. However, it has been perfected and new options are available…

23 Replies to “How to Use the Calendar in Windows 8”

  1. came here to rant about this. This fucking calendar is a finnickity piece of shit. fucking terrible. So frustrating that there's no settings for existing sync'd bullshit I got birthdays appearing through email contacts that I don't want there and it's just frustrating that you can't zoom out and view between months anyway. It needs that and a fat settings button to customise every bit of it. This is 2015 and I expect less of this gimmicky app style shit from windows. Leave that for the Mac consumers. It's not better. It's silly and frustrating to use. Right. Done.

  2. my boxes are only colored on the edges. How can I get them 'fully' colored, like in the video? Also, I cannot choose the calendar to edit, because I would like to add holidays. And I want to use 2 different colors for my main calendar. How can I do that (a color for me, a color for my family (i write those things down from a paper calendar, so theres no account to import)

  3. Ok, here we go:

    While running/viewing the calendar App

    Hold down the Windows Key and then tap the letter C.

    From the Charms Bar choose Settings.

    Then choose Options.

    Move the slider bar for Birthdays and or Holidays to "Hide"

    That should 'delete' all the birthdays.

    You can then manually enter only the Birthdates that you wish to display a reminder.

  4. 1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Settings.
    (If you're using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and then click Settings.)

    2. Tap or click Options.

    3. Tap or click the calendar you want to change, and do the following:
    – Under the calendar name, change the setting from Show to Hide.
    – Under the setting, use the list to change the calendar color.

  5. swipe in from the right (touch) or point to the right corner (mouse) or press Windows+I to open the Setting charm; there you can change color; but to add more calendars, you need to do so in the browser not in the app in this version.

  6. i cannot change the calendar type as it is mentioned in this you tube clip … everything i type appears in the same color which defeats the purpose of being able to visually determine types of events …. i would like to make birthdays another color but there is nothing to click on … it only defaults to my calendar … how can one override … this is very frustrating and NOT effect use of the calendar ap

  7. is it possible to use British dates in the calendar?!? i couldn't care less about thanksgiving or veteran's day (remembrance day!!!!) it is not clear at all how to change it or at least disable the US dates. i sincerely hope this is just poor designing of menu screens and not a massive oversight on the part of the creators

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