How To Trick Windows Update to Pause Downloading [2016 Best Methode]

In this video, I tell you how to trick Windows 10 to suspend downloading updates whenever you want to..
I saw a lot of ways on the Internet. Either start battery protection mode or turn off Windows updates in service.
But I think this method is simpler and better:
It works by spoofing windows 10, the network/wifi used is a metering network (data plan is limited), so Windows 10 will stop updating to save your data.
Watch the video to learn how to operate…

19 Replies to “How To Trick Windows Update to Pause Downloading [2016 Best Methode]”

  1. With this procedure, will the resumption of the download begin all over or will it start where it left off? In other words, if a download is 50% complete, will the resumption only have to download the remaining 50%? If this procedure starts the download all over, is there any way to pause and resume a download without starting over? This would be very desirable in a case where a huge download is eating up a lot of bandwidth and the user wishes to put the download aside long enough to conduct other business but would not want to have the download start all over.

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