How to Transfer Music from ipod to itunes Library Windows 7 & Free

This video shows you how to transfer music from ipod to iTunes library Free & Fast.
You need to do this if your computer crashes, you just received a new computer, accidentally deleted a file, or you did not back up your files.

Important to know:
There are some other things to note: The program "does not apply to iPhone or iPod Touch."

Here is my video that shows you how to transfer songs in Windows 8: "How to Transfer Songs from iPod to Windows 8 Free Wiz with iTunes Library…"…

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  1. So I had to factory reset my laptop because it had some type of virus, but before that I backed up all my music that I have been collecting since circuit city was around and when the classic iPod was popular, so it's been many years of music collection to an external hard drive, so I thought, big surprise I got when I only saw only half of my music in the external hard drive , I mean I'm talking about I had 11,950 and only half loaded to the external hard drive. I went to bestbuy and asked one of the geek squad how to get my music back and they said you are out of luck, so I was so upset until I came across your great video and so thankful. The only thing is that the songs come out as file names with four letters and not the the artist and music name, but can't ask for more. Thank you so much .

  2. How is this working for everyone!?! I didn't have the tool option, but still found "Show hidden files, folders and drives." SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME I'VE BEEN TRYING THIS FOR MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! :.(

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