How To: Speed Up Dropbox Uploads on Mac & Windows

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If you are always uploading large files to Dopbox and discover it is slower than expected, this setting will reduce uploading time by half!




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22 Replies to “How To: Speed Up Dropbox Uploads on Mac & Windows”

  1. Thank YOU! I wish I had known this before. I just needed to know where on my screen that gear icon was, yeah sure, sounds stupid, but hey, I had enough common sense and was resourceful enough to find you after being yelled at buy others. You made it so simple, now I can help others and finally upload my videos. Thank you again!

  2. when I click preferences does not show me the same window with the same options as you have and there is no option for bandwidth, general, account, etc. It looks totally different and only shows a top bar with option " status, settings, help. and the setting options only shows a folder for my acct with option to log out -_-

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