How to Show The Date and The Time in Windows 10 | Display Date and Time in Taskbar Windows 10

How to Display Date and Time in Windows 10 | Show Date and Time in the Taskbar Windows 10 is a tutorial video that will Gradually shows you how to display the date and time in the Windows 10 taskbar.

When I can't see the date and time displayed on my taskbar, I know that I'm not the only one who gets annoyed. This is why I created this video to make it easy for people like me to easily display date and time in the taskbar…

22 Replies to “How to Show The Date and The Time in Windows 10 | Display Date and Time in Taskbar Windows 10”

  1. Thanks for actually showing the screen as Windows 10 does it. I stumbled through other video and non-video answers to this question, and they were either describing or displaying a Windows 7 screen. I suspect they had a Windows 7 answer or video and just relabeled it to get more views. Your honesty is refreshing.

  2. So I am apparently one of the few people that have both the time and date showing on my taskbar with the small icons on, but it has always been like that. And when someone tries to have the small icons the date disappears. But the problem isn't solved if someone wants to keep the small taskbar and have the date showing as well.

  3. 5 kids messing around with my computer… Calendar goes missing, no one knows how. Thank You so much. It worked perfectly and very simple. My life was upside down for a while : )

  4. Thanks for the helpful video to solve that problem. I had the date shown on every Microsoft OS before this one and it was not intuitive to how to fix that in Windows 10. Speaking of that nothing is intuitive in Windows 10. Leave your brain at the door before using, HA!

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