21 Replies to “How To Resolve Usb Device Not Recognized Errors In Windows 10”

  1. can someone help me. when i plug in my mouse into a usb Port it makes no sound that its plugged in and doesnt work but the mouse bottom glows and it wonts show me in device manager only my other mouse which is broken 🙁

  2. Windows 10 is garbage. Every time I plug in my microphone Windows doesn't fucking recognize and nothing I do stops Windows 10 from being a dick's asshole. There's little no reason for Windows not to recognize it, it works fine, and occasionally it WILL recognize it, but it's only like 30% of the time. Totally random too!

  3. you, my friend, are a true Gent. thank you as I followed through with you with your video (on my trusty Mac) and sorted my situation with my USB dongle on my Windows 10 machine (i have to have one for work otherwise would NEVER get one). btw.. it was the last step that worked for me – again.. thank you. liked and shared

  4. Actually this tutorial was very clear.  None of the easier actions helped.  What the problem turned out to be was that my device was actually defective.  I know this because I had another identical device which did not trigger this error message.

  5. Very good and easy to follow. Unfortunately, all the tips i tried all your solutions and still have the problem. I'm using a Segate 5TB USB drive which worked fine in the same computer. I shut the computer down to move it to another location in my office and when it came back up i got a " USB device not recognized" . I should also note the the USB drive is working fine as i checked in another computer.

    I updated this machine to Windows 10 from windows 7 a year ago and this is the first issue i have had. Do you think this may have something to do with my problem? I have plugged all sorts of USB sutff and it all worked. in fact the keyboard , mouse, camera are all working fine- in the same USB port. Driving me nuts…..

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