17 Replies to “How To Pimp Your Windows 10 Start Menu”

  1. +mobilephone2003 excellent video i enjoy the tip and tricks you have, will there be application videos like the old days as well? like the desktop toys, and different games? i remember trying to find some of the desktop toys and applications but when the links were there. they were so outdated that i couldnt download them, also you have a voice that i could listen to for hours and not get bored, have you live streamed before? maybe doing a collab with another youtube? i would love to see a +LinusTechTips pair up you and linus are both talented individuals 😀

  2. 😮 its been a while since I have been here. went from vids like "Bored? 54 More Random/Fun/Weird/Funny/Cool/Useful Websites" to here. amazing to see how the channel has changed ^-^

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