How to Install Mods Payday 2 (Example Wolfhud) (Some Fixes in the description)

I was asked by several people how to install Payday 2 MODS. This is my video and hope it helps.

I forgot to explain this old version of Windows (Windows 8.1 and below). You may need this x86 version or the 32-bit version of the 2013 Visual C++ Runtime. If you still have problems let the game work with mods.

I also suggest that you update the window. Updating your graphics card and Windows is a common thing in any game. For me, the player's unknown battlefield is…

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  1. I downloaded the BLT 2.0 mod and extracted it into the payday 2 folder, it says that the game could not launch "0xc000007b" not working or something like that. So I deleted the BLT 2.0 and the dll then it started working again :/ I tried again but this time deleting the dll and kept the mods folder it ran smoothly. Anyway to fix this or am I stuck?

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