How To Get Your Microsoft Office & Windows Product Key

How to get or find your Windows product key or Microsoft Office key in case you lose it or need it to activate Microsoft Office on another computer.

Magic keyboard:

Or try the WIN key Finder:

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42 Replies to “How To Get Your Microsoft Office & Windows Product Key”

  1. Stupid question from a beginner. I am assuming you are doing this from the laptop that crashed. How? If it crashed, how did you open internet browser to be able to download information on an old laptop?

  2. I do not recommend downloading anything. IF you are like me and lost your Office Product key (i use 2013) then you are in luck. Copy and paste the following code into Notepad. Save it as All files on the desktop as Productkey.vbs. (A window will pop up with your key)

    Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    MsgBox ConvertToKey(WshShell.RegRead("HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionDigitalProductId"))

    Function ConvertToKey(Key)
    Const KeyOffset = 52
    i = 28
    Chars = "BCDFGHJKMPQRTVWXY2346789"
    Cur = 0
    x = 14
    Cur = Cur * 256
    Cur = Key(x + KeyOffset) + Cur
    Key(x + KeyOffset) = (Cur 24) And 255
    Cur = Cur Mod 24
    x = x -1
    Loop While x >= 0
    i = i -1
    KeyOutput = Mid(Chars, Cur + 1, 1) & KeyOutput
    If (((29 – i) Mod 6) = 0) And (i <> -1) Then
    i = i -1
    KeyOutput = "-" & KeyOutput
    End If
    Loop While i >= 0
    ConvertToKey = KeyOutput
    End Function

  3. Gearbox{key finder pro} loads browser hijacks which change your search and home page…don't go to their site.The other product key program  works ok if downloaded from a trusted site like snapfiles.
    Much free software is booby trapped these days unfortunately

  4. I used the Gear box key finder pro and I got the key, but I had to delete a lot of programs that were automatically installed when I installed the key finder, but that is what you get when you try to get a key for free!  No issues with computer, but you have to be tech savvy to use this program!

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