27 Replies to “How to fix Windows 10 not getting passed the Hi There, Welcome Back screen”

  1. If any one has a pic just turn off pic all the way unplug power cord take out all cords like keyboard and stuff and plug in 2 mouses and plug back in power cord then start up

  2. AWESOME!!! Held power button until off >unplugged >remove wireless adapter usb >replugged >f12 boot from appropriate drive. THANK YOU

    I had to go through f12 to change boot option or else received "no drive to boot from" or "boot failure" error.

    Can anyone explain why it wont boot from first option(cd-rom drive)? Haven't had any boot issues before until the upgrade.

  3. The only USB I have plugged in is Mouse and MIDI controller which doesnt have any effect on the screen I also tried plugging out the Mouse and working with my keyboard and no success??? What else could I do?

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