How to fix Windows 10 internet connection

When you encounter an Internet connection problem in Windows 10, try the following simple steps to solve the problem. Want more DIY videos? You can support $1 per month for ESRepair, or you can make a one-time donation with full details.

11 Replies to “How to fix Windows 10 internet connection”

  1. I have a problem about firewall settings where I can't connect to public things (like google chrome and Internet explorer) but I can connect to any of my games but TF2 and borderlands pre-sequal

  2. I have a weird problem. I have a cable modem that connects to a switch then the switch connects to the wireless router with ethernet ports. I setup a minecraft server pc for my kids on a system that connects to the switch but now the pc can not identify the Ethernet internet connection when connected to the switch or directly to the modem? But if I connect this pc to the wireless router Ethernet port it connects with no issues?

  3. I love that tip and will remember it if I have any network problems in Windows 10. There is one thing I would like to know since I have my regular internet service on my computers. I also have it on my cellular phone and was wondering if there is a way to use the phone to get online and then copy that service to my computer or tablet. The primary reason I want to know that is for using the tablet computer away from home with my phone.

  4. I have trouble every few days that my internet gets Really Slow. Sometime I can reset my modem and it might start running like it should and sometimes it won't. If I do this like you said will that help me out?

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