How to Fix WiFi Problems on Windows 10

How to Fix WiFi Problems on Windows 10

These are just a few tips for solving WiFi problems in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. This may not be able to connect to WiFi. No matter if your WiFi stops working after Windows Update, these step by step fixes your WiFi problem.

1. Run Network Adapter Troubleshoot Settings/Updates and Security/Troubleshooting/Network Adapters/Troubleshooting

2. Reset Wi-Fi Adapter Settings/Network and Internet/Status/Network Reset

3. Update Wi-Fi Adapter…

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  1. Thanks My wifi problems is that after every restart the wifi icon disappears and isn`t available anymore from settings, not to mention that I had never had the icon in taskbar.The Qualcomm wifi and Bluetooth driver QCA61X4a gets a code 12 and saying not enough resources and asks for a reboot but it`s never successful so I have to use the cable.I have tried many,many types of solutions but none works including all those you have shown in this video.Have you got any idea please.

  2. Sometimes the router needs to be powered off and back on to resolve Wi-Fi problems. Try unplugging your router from the mains power, waiting 3 minutes whilst it's unplugged (during this time, RESTART Windows and THEN shut down Windows and unplug the computer). After the 3 minutes, plug the router back into mains power and wait 10 minutes – even if the lights on the router indicate its ready, wait the full 10 minutes. Power on your computer and see if that helps. On older laptops, make sure the Wi-Fi button/switch hasn't been accidentally turned off.

  3. I have an interesting problem with my mothers laptop WiFi . She’s using a external monitor. So I have set the correct settings in power management to not power down the WiFi device or the system when the laptop lid is closed. I even went to device manager and checked the power management settings on the devices and all looks good. But when the laptop is closed the WiFi stops working. The rest of the computer is fine. Even Ethernet works fine. But here’s the crazy twist. When the laptop is plugged in upstairs and the lid is closed it works fine, but when plugged in downstairs it starts acting like this. We moved the router up and down and it made no difference.. it’s definitely one for the books.. Idid try different WiFi connection types and even WEP for kicks and giggles, but still the same behavior.

  4. My system is not configuring on static IP, when I enable dhcp then it works fine.. Why is it so ?? Previously I used to run on static IP.. Any help appreciated πŸ™‚

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