How to Fix Red Cross on Network Icon Windows 10, 8, 8 1, 7

How to Solve the Red Cross Icon on the Network Windows 10,8,8 1,7

Today we take a look at how to solve a common network problem where the Fix the Network is connecting, but the Icon shows a red X. Therefore, if your WiFi or Ethernet connection has a red cross symbol appearing on the network icon, then this video It is for you.

There are many steps to solve the red X problem on the WiFi icon, and I will complete these steps step by step.

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22 Replies to “How to Fix Red Cross on Network Icon Windows 10, 8, 8 1, 7”

  1. Hello man , i watched your video about OBS studio and i want to ask , im screen recording and im installing a program and when the program requires yes , OBS studio shows black screen in recording , pls help me

  2. Bri, I was so excited when I skimmed the title of the video…. I thought you were going to resolve network drives that always show up with a red cross on a reboot. For example, my freenas computer's drives always show up with a red cross after I reboot my laptop…. I have to click the freenas network shares (which then connect and show the drive directories), or the task scheduler can't backup the laptop to the freenas.

  3. โ€˜Server DNS Address Could Not be Found.โ€™ I do hate this error and I have it all the time at home and work. thanks for sharing this video. You save me some time for quick fix.

  4. Please make a video on explaining windows 10 lite edition. If it is possible for you, kindly make a windows 10 lite edition (with latest feature and stable) for us.. Thanks in advance ….

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