How to fix low sound problems on windows 10

Many people have whispered issues besides the manufacturer when installing the Windows 10 operating system.

Use with almost any laptop with realtek audio driver installed.
The company is located in:
This is a partial fix until the manufacturer releases your computer tuning driver.

Follow these steps:

1. Install the realtek driver according to your laptop manufacturer
Open the control panel
Click Hardware and Sound
Click the sound
5. Identify your speakers and click on Configure … on …

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  1. If you have a HP computer/laptop. Hit start and type HP RECOVERY MANAGER and press enter. Click on the reinstall drivers box, find the audio driver, put a tick in box and then hit install. This will reinstall the Factory driver for your machine.

  2. not working and cant find any fix with razer kraken pro 2015, 'up'graded from windows 7 to 10 and the max audio seems to be 20-40% lower than it was in 7, not happy

  3. I need my laptop so much, and I don't have any other back up computer, that I don't want to try and fix the low sound volume problem that that piece of shit windows 10 has caused on my laptop for fear that it will fuck my laptop, so I'm going to have to put up with shit sound volume for the duration. Fuck you microsoft.

  4. my problem is that in some programs (youtube, discord (voice chat), some games) the sound is extremly low. so i have to put it to 100 to barely hear something (still too low). but some other programs it works completaly fine. do you have any idea about what this is?

  5. win10 is really quiet and loud sometimes
    like watching utube, its really quiet so i put on 100% and it sounds like 50%
    and then i go on to play some games and it sounds like 200%

  6. I have an Hp Spectre. I went to the HP website and downloaded a new audio driver for my computer for Windows 10. When I went to install, it asked me if I wanted to overwrite existing driver files, I said "yes to all" – and Voila!! Sound ! And I think it's even louder than it was originally. (I tried going through my Sound Control Panel at first like all these tutorials recommend with no success….) Hope this helps.

  7. if you have a problem with sound being low on Windows, turning on a few enhancements isn't going to solve the problem. It's just supplementing the problem or making up for it. A problem still exists and I'm trying to find out how to fix the issue.

  8. Windows 10 did an update this afternoon and now my sound is low. I went to the enhancements tab like this video shows ( which I have done before), however I am not seeing any of the enhancement selections that were there before the update. Any ideas? All I see when I click on the enhancements tab is "Endpoint name" and the name of the speakers. I can't select the speakers either. My computer had very loud sound before the update but now I can barely hear a show on Netflix. Everything is turned up to the max.

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