If you have problems with Windows 10 or Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and other Windows versions of Windows, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and your system card in the restart cycle, the blue screen crashes (BSOD) error BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO This video will help you fix and resolve your problem. So when Windows can not start, you receive this error, you have tried System Restore, started repairing and resetting this PC does not work. Just follow my video step by step …

34 Replies to “How to Fix BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO Error”

  1. Now this is excellent video, i am waiting for this kind video and you upload did, i am fixing same problem on my dad pc and i am very happy, you the ROCK and Life and Time saver, so thank you for teach me how to fix this problem,ya Brian.

  2. Hi Brian
    I'm a subscriber of your channel really like your videos very informative and helpful
    I have a problem with some of my Windows 10 pcs in short the live tile feature doesn't work
    I wonder if you have ever encountered such an issue and if so is it possible for you to make a fixing tutorial for this ?
    I haven't found anything comprehensive enough on the web and from what I have read some even suggest to reformat the PC which in my opinion is too much of a hassle for such a non-critical issue and really doesn't worth it
    hope to hear back from you in the meantime have a nice day and keep up the good work

  3. Please do a video on the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. It a problem that happens on my PC. Even after a reinstall it still does it. It sometimes does it up to 2 times in a day and it always does it when watching YouTube videos (I don't know if a coincidence) I think it's a problem with the SATA drivers but after trying to update them it still does it. Please help!

  4. Thanks britec for another amazing video

    Quick question. My computer is running quit slow and I'm having a few thermal restarts
    Please could u tell me how to fix it

  5. omg how i wish i seen this long ago, how do you know so much. i had this problem with window 7 and if i had seen this i could have saved myself hours of research, fixes that didnt work, rebooting 100's of times and so on and so on.

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