How to Find Windows Movie Maker In Windows 7

Windows Movie Maker is a great way to learn video editing and basic video editing. How do you find WMM in Windows 7? If you didn't find it by looking at the Start menu, you can find it online here.

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  2. Just what Microsoft been always doing, create a product, free with bundle, then stopped the product and every supporting software. Then expecting you to pay for the new product. You may not required to pay them for the upgrades, but who do you think is making money when you got a new hardware when the old one is too powerless to run 5e software? I paid for an upgrade for my win 7 to professional, the product key is wrong, the advice they gave? "Buy another product key" I'm sure which office I'll be running into when I'm having a bad day.

  3. I saved a downloaded WMM2.6 in 2011 and used it on a Win 7 x86 laptop. I want to use it on a Win 7 SP1 64bit machine. What will happen if I try to install it on this Win7 64bit machine? Do I need to check the compatibility thingy. I don't have Window Live Essentials on this computer. What do you think?

  4. For everybody who doesn't find it,
    Go to library, type in the adress bar "C:program fileswindows livephoto gallery
    Movie maker would be in that map. The tutorial is on my channel.

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