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  1. Hello community, I'm having an issue with my Windows 8.1 desktop and remote desktop .

    I'm trying to access my desktop windows 8.1 from my laptop ( win7) via remote desktop .

    I'm totally unable to access this PC via Remote desktop from my laptop on LAN computer ( private network), . I have enabled remote control from System properties>remote, and allow computer to be controllled remotely in the advanced tab. I also deactivated my firewall for all networks. I can ping this machine successfully from the LAN and it has internet access ( I currenly use Teamviewer to access it ) When I attempt a remote desktop from my own laptop ( same LAN as my windows 8.1 problematic computer), I analyze the communicatuoin via Wireshark and see that the windows 8.1 systematically reset the connection via a RST.ACK packet in response to the ACK from my laptop ( tcp.port 3389). the folder sharing works just fine , i.e. the windows 8.1 can share its folder I'm able to access my laptop using the RDP FROM the Windows 8.1 I created two admin account on the windows 8.1 machine , they both have password enabled Does anyone have an idea on what i should try next ? I have tried on another windwos 8.1 and same problem : unable to control this PC via RDP from another PC . Many thanks for your help .

  2. I want to use RDP. How do I chnage the IP on remote computer system. Basically I need to create 100 Facebook accounts from 100 RDP address. Could you please how can I do that? You gave a nice video.

  3. im trying to connect through my Iphone 4s, iOS 7.0.4, using the RD Client provided by Microsoft on the AppStore but i cant seem to get it working, im using my 3G so im putting the router IP as IP to connect to, 3389 is portforwarded and im using the right user and pass, i dont see why its not working… Help?

  4. Thanks for the video, at 1:59 of the video there's nothing like "Click an Option, an then specify who can connect if needed" in my windows 8, it only have that "Allow Remote Assistance connection to this computer", so it confuses me if its the reason my rdp doesn't work or not… need ur assistance AvoidErrors

  5. My PC windows 8, the other PC windows7. That's OK when use my PC(win8) remote other(Win7) but I can't remote from other to my PC. Note: my PC(win8) loged in the Microsoft account(Outlook). Please kindly help me for this case!!!!!!!!

  6. Very useful tutorial. Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to make this video. I like the little yellow circles which focused your attention on the areas that you need to click:-)

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