20 Replies to “How To Enable Hidden God Mode in Windows Vista 32bit & 7 (And the Myth)”

  1. i have no idea what i'm doing! i really need hep to get rid of it so i can use my computer, please i need your help 🙁
    i have searched google and i can't find anything, please i need you to help me

  2. so you uploaded a video to vista users and windows 7 users saying this works. then a few hours later you change the description to say not for 64 bit users. now because of your video, my compiter is un-usable and you can't help me?

    thanks a lot..

  3. People who are curious to try to 64bit. Don't do it. I was a bit too curious for my own good lol. Well I can still use stuff, it's just that windows explorer restarts every second.

  4. how do i do that? ive booted up in safe mod and command promt is open. wat do i type in?

    i named it "God Mode" and it's on my desktop. please reply as quick as you can i need to get on that comp lol 🙂

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