22 Replies to “How to Create User Accounts in Windows 8 For Dummies”

  1. Why did I ever buy another MS product. I have one box converted to Linux Mint. It is now the only box that is any user friendly.
    Why did i even end up here! Experienced PC user needing HELP to create a user account.
    Microsoft; I think you have taken the wrong path some where back in '98 or something.

  2. I wish videos like this one would do exactly what they say in the description: Just answer the question, How do I create User accounts in Windows 8.

    That's what I came here to find out.

    I didn't come here for a description of all the different account types. I know about the account types.

    If you're just like me and just want to know how to do it, click the time below:


  3. I hate windows 8. Its like Microsoft trained the whole world how to use a PC for the last 20 years and then suddenly designed an operating system that is completely different. I know I could go back to windows 7 but I am typing this on my ipad because I forgot the password to my live account I was forced to make to set up my new laptop and now cannot even log in. So why would I go through the trouble of trying to revert to an older version of windows when Apple works great. I am seriously considering going back to the store and returning this piece of crap. Very frustrated. This is the beginning of the end for Microsoft. At least they still have xbox.

  4. To Remove An Guest Account From Control Panel Go On: Control Panel-User Accounts and Family Safety Then Click User Accounts Then Click Manage Accounts Then you should see a blue Highlighted Link saying Turn Off Guest Account Only On Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 Or windows 7 I Think.

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